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Yeowww! Rainbow Catnip Toy

Yeowww! Rainbow Catnip Toy

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Is your cat singing Judy Garland songs? Don’t let ‘em fool ya; it’s catnip, not gold at the end of the rainbow. Packed full of 100% organic catnip, your cat will love the curve of this toy and its irresistible scent. The catnip inside of the Yeowww! Rainbow Catnip Toy is of a higher quality than most cat nip brands..

Each Yeowww! catnip toy is completely filled with this fabulous catnip. 100% stuffed FULL of premium, organically grown catnip. No cotton fillers, no plastic, and certainly none of that cheaper "toy grade" stuff. After all, they are catnip toys – shouldn’t they be filled with catnip?

Approx. 6”

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