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BARK Kenpuppy Fried Chicken Toy

BARK Kenpuppy Fried Chicken Toy

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This BARK bucket of fried chicken dog toy makes for a paw-lickin' good playtime! Made with squeaky drumsticks and a crazy crinkle bucket, Kenpuppy Fried Chicken is a 3-in-1 toy that's the perfect recipe for fun! Hide treats inside the bucket for a particularly tasty playtime without any of the grease.

Special Features:

  • Multi-Part toy: 3 toys in 1 for more fun.
  • Made with 2 squeakers because one isn't enough.
  • Made with Crazy Crinkle for more engaging play.
  • Perfectly designed for hiding treats.

Product Material:

Product Dimensions:
HxWxL: each drumstick-5.5 box-5 x each drumstick-3 box-5 x each drumstick-1.75 box-3.75 inches

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