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Gourmet Cookie

Gourmet Carob Cannoli Dog Treat

Gourmet Carob Cannoli Dog Treat

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Everyone enjoys good cannoli, and now, your dog can, too! Just like the real thing, each cannoli treat has a tasty shell piped with delicious vanilla yogurt cream and decorated with a carob drizzle!

Ingredients: Rye Flour, Pumpernickel Flour, Water, Sugarcane Molasses, Sunflower oil, Milk Powder, Shortening, Baking Soda, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, (Palm Kernel, and Hydrogenated Palm Kernel and Cottonseed Oils), Nonfat Dried Milk, Milk, Salt, Peanut Butter, Red #40, Red #3, Yellow #5, Blue #1, Blue #2

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