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Mad Cat Wand - Cookies and Milk

Mad Cat Wand - Cookies and Milk

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With the Milk N' Cookies Wand cat toy from Mad Cat, you can introduce your favorite feline to a plush that's sure to curl her whiskers. This wand has two smiling cookies and a bottle of milk hanging from a red silly straw. So, you can dangle and wiggle the irresistible toys while your cat tries to catch his prize. Filled with an exclusive blend of catnip and silvervine, each stuffie is potent, pure, playful and pesticide-free. Even kitties who aren't interested in catnip may be drawn to silvervine— a different plant that can create a similar buzz! Ideal for batting, kicking, grabbing and biting, this playtime partner is made of bouncy string, irresistibly adorable embroidery, and plush toys.

    16 x 4 x 2 inches
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